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China Thailand vocational education international cooperation agreement signed in Thailand

On May 30, the framework agreement on China Thailand international cooperation of the college was signed at madapu Institute of technology, Rayong Prefecture, Thailand. According to the content of the agreement, the college will set up the Taichung international branch of Liaoning Petrochemical Vocational and technical college in madapu Technical College, Thailand, to export teaching resources such as majors and courses of Petrochemical Vocational Education to Thailand, and cooperate with the relevant majors of the Petrochemical Technical College under the jurisdiction of the Eastern vocational education center of Thailand led by madapu technical college to carry out the cooperation of Higher Vocational Education between China and Thailand School running and professional training. The first batch of Thai students of professional higher vocational education will enter our school in 2020. The two sides adopt the Internet + face-to-face international cooperation mode of running schools. That is to say, students should stay in our Institute for one year and study in Thailand for two years. Through face-to-face teaching and Internet plus, they will carry out international education in Chinese, professional education, language and vocational training.

Li Xiaodong, vice president, Zhang Qian, representative of Tang Feng Chinese International Education Group, gilapon, deputy director of Thailand's eastern Vocational Education Center, and Cilicia naiyakongcili, Dean of madapu Institute of technology, respectively delivered speeches at the signing ceremony and signed on behalf of all partners. The two sides agreed that in September and October 2019, a 10 person delegation composed of the Vocational Education Committee of the Ministry of education of Thailand, the eastern Vocational Education Center, cooperative colleges and local enterprise officials and a visiting group composed of 20 teachers and students from madapu technical college will visit and study in our college in the future to discuss the details of further in-depth cooperation. Li Xiaodong, vice president of our school, led a three person working delegation for vocational education cooperation in Thailand, siripan, special adviser of Vocational Education Committee of Ministry of education of Thailand, Nathi, director of coordination department, gilapon, deputy director of Eastern Vocational Education Center, Cilicia nyagongcili, Dean of madapu Technical College, LED four vice presidents and heads of main departments of our school, Tang Feng Chinese International Education collection Nearly 30 guests including the delegation team witnessed the formal signing of the first international cooperation school running agreement of our college. Madapu Institute of technology started to publicize the enrollment of overseas students from this semester, and carried out basic Chinese course learning among the students who are interested in studying in our institute.

From May 28 to 30, the Thai vocational education cooperation working group, headed by Vice President Li Xiaodong and headed by Li Peng, director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the college, and Qi Xiangyang, director of the Petrochemical Department, visited Confucius Classroom of daimi middle school in Bangkok, Thailand branch of Tang Feng Chinese International Education group, tunwuli business school in Bangkok, and met with chongpu Bo, director of the Bangkok Vocational Education Center Ms. Bangsong, Mr. silipan, special adviser of Vocational Education Committee of the Ministry of education of Thailand, Nathi, director of coordination department, and Mr. gilapong, deputy director of the eastern Vocational Education Center. During the visit to madapu Institute of technology, after discussions between the two sides, a consensus was reached on the cooperative construction of China Thailand Petrochemical Vocational Training Center in the Institute, which laid a good foundation for the college to go out and carry out enterprise training services. The Thailand vocational education cooperation work visit has achieved more than expected fruitful results.

Overseas education is an important way for China's higher vocational education to go out, promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, and jointly build one belt and one road to serve the overall situation of the party and state. The establishment of the first overseas branch has a very important and far-reaching significance for our hospital, whether it is serving the overall diplomacy of the country to actively participate in the construction of the national one belt initiative, or improving the international running level and international influence of our institute through overseas education.