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The college won the first prize in the national competition of "chemical production technology"

From May 15 to 17, the college team, on behalf of Liaoning Province, won the first prize of the competition group in the 2019 national vocational college skills competition (higher vocational group) chemical production technology competition sponsored by the Ministry of education, ranking the 5th among 62 participating universities in the country. This is the first time that the college has won the first prize of the national competition and achieved a historic breakthrough. He has won honors for Liaoning Province and the college, and has written a new pen of striving for the college's vocational education.

In 2019, the chemical production technology competition of the national vocational college skills competition (higher vocational group) was held in Guangdong Light Industry Vocational College. A total of 186 competitors from 27 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, 62 vocational colleges and universities participated in the competition, presenting the three new three of the number of participants has reached a new record, the results of the competition brush a new record, and the standards of the execution process exhibition have reached a new high High .

The examination contents of the competition are in line with the actual posts in the chemical production industry. Through the examination of professional knowledge, simulation operation and rectification operation, the basic knowledge, operation skills, team spirit, professional quality, psychological quality and adaptability of competitors in the chemical production technology are comprehensively examined.

In order to win this competition, since September 2018, the college has been preparing for the competition for nearly nine months. During this period, the college won the high recognition and trust of Liaoning provincial competition organizing committee with excellent talent training quality and solid foundation for competition, and the organizing committee gave strong support in technical guidance, financial support, etc.; the leaders of the college also attached great importance to the establishment of the preparation leading group, with Li Xiaodong, vice president of teaching as the group leader, and the training department responsible for the organization and coordination of the whole preparation work The Department of petroleum and chemical industry is responsible for the specific implementation, with the full cooperation of the student office, the security office and other relevant departments; after class competition, college level competition and provincial level competition, the team members and instructors of the national competition are finally determined. During the 9 months, the teachers and students of the competition May Day, 11th day and winter vacation, all the holidays and rest days are struggling on the preparation Road, 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. every day, and they keep practicing hard, which eventually leads to fearless, close cooperation, calm response and defeat of the heroes in the competition field.

The instructors of this competition are Wang zhuangkun and Lu Zhongmin, teachers of the Department of petrochemical industry. Two of the three competitors, Tong Jiantao, Tian Xudong and Feng Lei, are from the modern apprenticeship Haoye pilot class of the Ministry of education. The competition not only reflected the remarkable achievements of the college in the construction of Liaoning high level modern vocational college, inspected and cultivated the students' practical ability, innovation ability, craftsman spirit and social responsibility consciousness, but also proved the outstanding achievements of the integration of industry and education, school enterprise cooperation, leading the professional construction and teaching reform, showing the construction achievements of the college's modern apprenticeship system, and building the college The bright brand that enterprise cooperates to educate people.