LNPC at a Glance


 Liaoning Petrochemical College (LNPC) ,located in the famous historic city Jinzhou of Liaoning Province, is an independent government-college-enterprise jointly -constructed technical college which is recognized as an excellent unit of key national key technical colleges ,an advanced unit of national professional education ,Modern Apprenticeship Pilot Unit chosen by the Ministry of Education, Established Unit for High-Level Modern Technical College Construction chosen by Liaoning Province, and Chairman Unit of Liaoning Petrochemical Professional Education Group. Of the 1335 technical and junior colleges nationwide, it is ranked one of the national Top 100 and it is one of the Top 10 technical and junior colleges in Liaoning Province.(http://www.nseac.com/html/263/676582.html)

  In accordance with the College-Enterprise Joint Co-Running Agreement signed between the Education Department of Liaoning Province and PetroChina, Jinzhou Petrochemical Company, the merger of Liaoning Petrochemical College, the national key polytechnic schools founded in 1952 with the Training Center of Jinzhou Petrochemical Company was conducted in 2002 to establish the first Provincial College-Enterprise Constructed Independent public technical college----Liaoning Petrochemical College. In 2017, Liaoning Provincial Government decided to merge the founded-in-1956 national key vocational school, Liaoning Agricultural Economics School into Liaoning Petrochemical College ,which has given the college the edge of having two major industrial backgrounds: Agriculture(one of the national primary industries) and Petrochemical Industry (one of the national pillar industries).

  Liaoning Petrochemical College (LNPC) now has about 5,000 students, 8 departments, and 1 further education school and 28 specialties which are mainly oriented toward the Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Industry Chain, covering such disciplines as Biology and Chemical Engineering, Equipment Manufacturing, Energy Power and Plastic material and etc.

  For many years, on the back of College-Enterprise Joint Construction, the college has successfully realized the integration of masters into teachers and the integration of workshops into classrooms. The graduates have successively won the honorary titles of “National Technical Expert” and “National May 1 Labor Medal” and the undergraduates have constantly won the championship in various national competitions ,which has established the college as the cradle for students to improve their virtues and skills and develop their future careers in happiness.